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I ordered 15 Hibiscus root plants to plant this season back in early March.  I received an email today that I had cancelled the items,  I did no such thing and QVC went ahead a canceled them.. I received no confirmation and no supervisor is ever available to look into the situation.  Phone CS is useless as they can't do anything except reiterate what you tell them.  What is going on?  I have waiting for these plants that were due 2 weeks ago and now canceled.  Reading all of the complaints in the past month should make everyone buyer beware as QVC is selling items (that they do not have in stock), or they arbitrarily cancel orders on customers that they cannot fulfill.  What a way to do business.

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@Hoping for the Best    Email the mods at with your order#. 

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Cancelled orders by Q seems to be occurring often.....I've become convinced Watson and Roberta's never see your plants nor has control.


They see a 'sample' from a large plant company and then present it on a garden show.


When the big plant company says - we're sold out.....your order gets cancelled. 

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phillip watson has been apologizing profusely on various qvc social outlet groups......particularly on facebook.


he has said that his plants are supplied by ROBERTAS and that they have had major issues with getting stock and shipping. i believe that is why much is either delayed or cancelled.


my guess is is that this is more of the suppliers/vendors fault than the fault of qvc.

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Dealing with Robertas is very frustrating right now.  I had ordered some of Phillip Watson's Chinese Money plants months ago and they never seemed to become available, continually stayed "In Process".


Then QVC did a presentation for a Chinese Money plant and an aloe plant and a spider plant.  So I cancelled the Phillip Watson order and ordered those instead.  Well, last week my local post office said they received an empty box at their post office and would contact the sender.  Of course when I called QVC customer service, there were no more available so they had to refund me. 


And I ordered a Roberta's Good Luck Oriental Totem Pole in April and it supposedly was getting ready to ship but that one seems to be in limbo too and apparently really hasn't shipped so who knows if I will ever see that one either?


VERY Frustrating!!!!!

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Count me in on the frustration list ! I ordered the Oriental Totem pole plant from Roberta"s on 4/15 with delivery by 5/7. The order stayed "in process" until I finally canceled it today. I posted about my issue, QVC's CS  couldn't do anything about the order. I called Roberta's 3 times, never could reach a live person,on hold almost 15 mins tried to leave a vm on the after hours line followed directions but it kept telling me I pushed the wrong number  so I hung up.  Terrible Service !!!  QVC should do something about this,  if you sell it deliver it !

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I ordered two of the Blue Chiffon hibiscus on February 18, 2021.  I have called customer service two times and have been told I would receive them by the end of May.  I called again today and was told they would ship on June 14.  Should I just cancel them?

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I am waiting for tomatoes and he end and chicks . Ordered in March and have been in process for 2 weeks tried to get a hold of anyone can’t they were to be here May 28
I live in Wisconsin our growing season is short , but since it’s being prepared can’t cancel!
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I finally received my 3 blue chiffon hibiscus on Wednesday.   They are NOT nice, healthy plants- hardly any leaves.  Would not have mind the delay if the plants I received were healthy.  These look like they may not survive.