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Re: Philips SoniCare TSV

I have the Sonicare 6500 and love it. Before being a professor, in another life, I was trained as a dental assistant (go figure).


However, though I was tempted to order the purple one!! I checked with Philips on the web. As I suspected, the 6500 is on special because several newer models are now out, with improvements. [Doesn't mean you won't enjoy this model!]


So, I just bought the 9700 model because you only get one set of teeth. Diamond Clean is the best. And yes, as a researcher, I do think the improvements matter. And yes, as a professor, I don't actually get paid that much, so it was a considerable purchase. (So  find something else NOT to buy.)


My thanks to the Q and the Philips rep for carefully going over all the features and reminding me HOW to use it properly! Great presentation.


My teeth and gums will love the attention.


Smiles, all!




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Re: Philips SoniCare TSV




i am happy to hear that you love your 6500 model.


yes, over the years, i have discovered that some tsv's are that because newer models of whatever the product is, has newer models coming out or are already out. that doesn't bother me, because i do research to see what's available.


when i watched one of the presentations earlier, i heard the host say that the tsv protective clean model, was the top of the line. not exactly true. philips sonicare top of the line models are the diamond clean series, the ones with the glass cup charger, like the one in your post.

the tsv model is a few levels down from the diamond clean, based on the philips sonicare web site. the 6500 model may be the newest and/or top of the line model in the protective clean series.

i was thinking about ordering the tsv, to have as a backup for my diamond clean, as i don't want to be without one. still on the fence.


i understand the the woes of being a professor, 'cause in another life, i was one also.


i do have a question for you, for your 6500. does it remember/store your last setting. by that i mean if i set it to 'white mode, level 3', when i turn it on again, that will be the default. my diamond clean does this.

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Re: Philips SoniCare TSV

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check out costco dot com. You always get 2 brushheads and extra toothbrushes.

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Re: Philips SoniCare TSV





just to confirm.......i DID receive the extra brush heads in my box. they were in separate packaging from the main toothbrush and it contained three brush heads. Smiley Happy

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