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PS5 shipping and customer service horrible

I ordered on the 15th of February and I still haven’t received my order. They tried to give me a refund but I didn’t want one because I wanted my order and they did anyway and said my package was lost and to let them know if I ever receive it.

So I called UPS and asked them did they pick up my package. I was told they were picking up on the 24 of February and if they didn’t to call back. Then I called back they tell me the shipment was picked up on the 24th I will receive it soon. Which I confirmed with UPS they did pick up.

Now I call today. I’m told by Michelle because they refunded my money I will never receive my package. I NEVER wanted to put the refund in place. Then she puts this lady Debbie on the phone to confirm I won’t get anything. Debbie then hangs up on me unprofessionally and I call back and talk to a Sara. She told me that they left something out the box and ups had to bring it back. That’s why it never showed it was scanned and it will be shipped today. Why couldn’t they just tell me that? I would like to know what’s going on. I’ve been throw in circles. My mom and I been customers for a long time. I really feel like this will be my last experience. This is definitely a bad taste just left. Looking for help because I’ve been told many things.
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Re: PS5 shipping and customer service horrible

My suggestion would be to post this problem in a email the moderators directly.  The CS mods here are excellent getting answers or resolving issues.


I've always received answer or correction w/in 24 hours or sooner.


Sorry you had a bad experience☹️