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Are we allowed to post links to other websites, forums, etc. to further help a person with their question?


I posted 2 links and they were removed and I don't know why?Smiley Sad


If not, please show me where I must look to find that rule.  I did check and couldn't find anything.Smiley Embarassed







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@rockyrose1 I am sorry for any confusion. Our Community Guidelines state:


Please do not:

  • post web addresses (URLs) for, or links to, outside sites that violate these guidelines;

You can view the entire guidelines here

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Barbara, my sincerest apologies!  I would never purposely try to break any rules of any forum.   My ignorance may,  Smiley Embarassed  which is where I am.   I did read that line; however, I honestly misunderstood it. Smiley Frustrated


"post web addresses (URLs) for, or links to, outside sites that violate these guidelines"


I believed it to mean that we could not post links that might "include / violate" any of the actions mentioned above that sentence.  e.g. political discussions, violence, nudity, threatening, being abusive, profanity, discrimination, posting viruses or trojans, etc.   I didn't understand it to mean any outside websites.   


It was an honest mistake.   My intent was only to offer a website that included many experts that grew that rose, had the same geographical location so they could advise her what they have encountered, etc.   Again, my apologies Smiley Embarassed


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@rockyrose1 You can post something like this:  Amazon dot com, wayfair dot com, as this gives the way for someone to input it into their search bar without providing a direct link.

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Love my grandkids,


Thank you for the tipHeart   It is much appreciated.

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@rockyrose1  Another tip....


You can post an unclickable link.  Remove "https//www."

This way it lets one copy & post the web address into their browser's web address window.



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Try the Welcome Get Started forum.