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On 5/11 I ordered 2 items.  On 5/19, I received an email stating there would be a delay in shipping these items.  I decided to cancel them, which the system allowed at the time, because I didn't want to be in order limbo for items that are seasonal.  I received email confirmation about both items, stating they were, indeed, cancelled. 


I have subsequently purchased other items from Q thinking I would no longer be billed for the cancelled items.


Today, I received an email stating that one of the "cancelled"  items shipped, and the other one is now "in process" on my order status.  In my 20 plus years of shopping at Q, this is a first.  I realize everything has been turned upside down by the pandemic; however, an automated system should not be able to "reverse" itself, wouldn't you think? Honestly, it had me questioning my own recollection.


I will return these items with all the paperwork when finally received and ask for full reimbursement for all shipping charges, but this is an awful inconvenience and safety issue these days  in having to return items when I took all the righ steps.


Do we now have to monitor our order status daily?  Even so, there does not appear to be any action to be taken to prevent this.  I bring this to your attention so that someone can take corrective action.

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"an automated system should not be able to "reverse" itself, wouldn't you think?"


Evidently, it got Covid-19 too.  What else could it be?

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I understand the pandemic issues but QVC was having shipping issues way before COVID-19 came along.  It seems the virus is an easy excuse for businesses to use to cover their mistakes/slow service.

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I have put a stop to ordering anything on QVC for awhile until they can get their act better.  


I just refuse to spend my money to a Mickey Mouse run operation.  


I am hoping they can learn by their mistakes but I am holding by breath. 

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@MellieM444    I don't know how you were able to cancel anything because nobody else has been able to do so.  Apparently you didn't.


Why is it a safety issue and inconvenience?  All you have to do is stick the return label on the package, go to the USPS website and request a pick up.  They come and get it anyplace, anytime at your convenience, and send you a confirmation when they pick it up.  I leave mine by the front door.

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I suspected it was too good to be true, but I do have the return emails from Q confirming cancellation.  So, maybe the glitch was that I COULD cancel at that moment in time 😊

As for safety,it's  just the idea of extra packages coming into the house, you never know which one is going to be the "one".  I have returned items as you suggest.  Thankful for that option.