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Ordered 12/7....delivered 1/2

WOW!  I forgot I even ordered these Kringle Express gift bags!  Their name should not be Express.  I ordered two sets of bags and one was delivered 12/18.  Not bad since it was from the west coast and I am in PA but delay on the second set cannot be explained because it was not lost according to tracking information.  But I doubt I ever buy another Kringle Express item...just ridiculous delivery time frame.

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Re: Ordered 12/7....delivered 1/2

I mostly just window shop here. Costly shipping and returns. Amazon by me comes the next day and I return at the Kohl's up the street. 

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Re: Ordered 12/7....delivered 1/2

I would have thought it was lost with that length of time. I waited nearly a month for an order and contacted CS via email and had a replacement sent in two days. Why do we have to go through so much sometimes to receive our orders is beyond me? I never have had so many issues since last year!

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Re: Ordered 12/7....delivered 1/2

@GabidogI wonder if they were out of stock for a while?  That is not a timely delivery & sorry you got them too late.

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Re: Ordered 12/7....delivered 1/2

I am still waiting on orders made in Dec.  one from QVC & one from HSN.  I have never had this problem from any other places I have ordered from.  I decided that as soon as I pay off my last easy pay I am going to cancel my account on both places.  Why order from them & wait a month just to get your order or not recieve it at all.  Just not worth it to me.  I know some will say "who cares! Especially QVC or HSN".  But I just am tired of going thru this with every order.  To me it just shows that they don't really care about their customers at all even ones who have been with them for many years. Very sad.  Just better places to shop.  By closing my account with both places it will definitely stop me from ordering & help me break this habit!  Just venting guys!  

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Re: Ordered 12/7....delivered 1/2

I ordered a pair of slippers for my Sister on 12/19 to go with a robe for Christrmas.

The robe was delivered on 12/24.  According to the tracking on QVC the slippers were received at the post office on 12/27 and delivered yesterday on 1/9.  Maybe a post office problem, never had this before.  Shipping is not good at QVC. When I order or return anything it seems like they take at least 10 days or more.  I have also ordered from HSN and orders and returns are processed in a week or less.