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I just saw a JAI pendant that has been sold out for a while.  It was an As Is purchase.  I put it in my cart with a clothing item and checked out.  When I checked order status, there was no order. I tried to order again, but the pendant has now sold out.   When I asked about it in LIVE CHAT, I was told that somethimes it takes a while to process the order.  Has this ever happened to anyone else?  For me, orders usually show up right away.    I keep checking, but it is not showing up in my orders.  

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@Kcubed I lost a TSV mattress purchase. It vanished completely. Customer service and the Mods could not see it. The customer service agent explained that orders do this, but reappear later. In a little less than 24 hours it reappeared and processed as if nothing had gone awry.


I hope your order is just hiding somewhere and will be showing tomorrow.

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Never had this happen to me or heard of anyone having this problem @Kcubed .  Weird...

What about your money?  I'm sure you checked your bank to be sure it hadn't been paid.

Good luck.

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Yes it happened to me. I ordered clothing and did not see my order so I ordered again. The next day I noticed two orders were on my account. I contacted the social team. They could not stop the second order, but made I note that when I returned it I would not be charged for S&H.

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@Kcubed This just happened to me. Ordered a lil after 8pm & still not there (now 10:30pm). I did get the confirmation page, but not in my orders & no email confirmation either. Happened to me once before. I'll wait.

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Yes I had it happen recently.  Didn't get a confirmation email and it took several days before it appeared in processing in the order status.  I never had it happen before.  Give it some time to appear.

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Yes, this has happened to me on my order back in January. I order several items in the same order. I didn't get any confirmation until a few hours later. The order didn't even show up on my order page right away. Just chalk it up to another one of glitches...

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@Kcubed - Yes, for some reason, this occasionally seems to happen with orders placed on Friday and Saturday nights. Nobody from QVC has ever explained if it might be related to system updates/maintenance or if it's just some glitch, but every now and then, we'll see comments about this issue pop up in the forums on weekends. As others have noted, hopefully your order will appear on your "Order Status" page when you check in tomorrow. Good luck!

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I had it happen numerous times around Christmas when they weere very busy but not recently. Sometimes they will sell out of a limited item and you just miss it but the computer hasn't caught up to so advise you. I hope you're not disappointed.

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@Kcubed YES!!! I've been burned numerous times! In the beginning I just assumed I did something wrong & ordered the items again. Only to find the orginal items show up in my Order Status 24-48 hrs later. So duplicate items & CS said to just send back duplicates & I wouldn't be charged.... but I don't have time to be doing all this extra returning, not to mention the hassle of waiting for the credits to appear back to my card!


So I now take a Screenshot of Every order I make. Once it appears in my Order Status, I delete it. This past Fashion Days I was in a pickle... because as you experienced, the risk for not re-ordering is to risk the item no longer being available! So yes, I have several duplicate items on there way!! Another reason I am re-thinking continuing my long relationship with QVC moving forward!