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Nobody is keeping the website updated

I'm watching Logo on Saturday afternoon, and nobody is updating the itmes under Ship QVC TV - Item on Air or Items Recently On AIr.  I usually order from that page since I never remember item numbers

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Re: Nobody is keeping the website updated

@LexaMom - One weird quirk that often happens with QVC's "Items Recently on Air" listings is that if a show is more than an hour long (or on QVC2), they don't show all of the items from that show until it is over. If you check the listings now, I'll bet you'll find everything that aired. This has been going on for awhile, and you're right that it would be great if they could be more on the ball about a seemingly simple thing.


It's especially frustrating when they have an event like "all day jewelry" and break things up into four-hour blocks in the programming guide—they never show everything that was on air on those days. Not a good business practice...

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Re: Nobody is keeping the website updated

It seems if the IT people for QVC add/update something like the order page has this "disclaimer" now which was not there on Wednesday (at least not when I placed my order for shoes):



Now it seems you can't see "Items on Air Recently" and earlier couldn't get on site.


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