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Why are reviews not visible on the website now?  I rely on the reviews when deciding to order an item, as well as to determine sizing, fit, etc.  Recently I have noticed that there are no reviews visible, even when the heading shows the number of reviews and the overall rating.







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I had trouble earlier today and had to keep refreshing the page to get the reviews to show.


I think this close to Christmas and with so-called 'guaranteed delivery', the website is overwhelmed.

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When I saw your post, I checked multiple items and the reviews were there, so hopefully the issue you experienced has been fixed.🤞




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I've noticed that sometimes info is missing. I've learned to put the item number in the search bar, and all the info comes up. Give it a try.

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  1. Try using a different browser.  That usually clears up the problem.  The reviews are there.  The problem is on your end.
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