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Re: No receipt or return label

@RetiredATC wrote:

I just may stop buying.  I hold on to all of my receipts until my credit card is billed, so I can check them.  I haven't been receiving the receipts in the envelope.  As far as I can see, that gives QVC/HSN the opportunity to charge whatever they would like to, whether or not I have bought the product.  I don't have anything to compare what is on my CC statement and what I received.  I don't feel comfortable at all with that. Then, if I must return something, I have to print out a label that will run in wet weather?  What if my printer breaks, or those who don't even have a printer, what do they do (and don't say go out and buy a printer)?  The prices of the merchandise has skyrocketed so much, the least they can do is supply a return label and receipt.




Huh?   "They can charge whatever they want, whether or not you made a purchase"?     Seriously?   


I have read your comments a few times and still don't understand how you arrived at that conclusion.


As others have already stated, it's obvious you are able to go online and check your QVC account.  Why is there any problem at all?  


Just fyi, MANY retailers no longer enclose shipping statements.   Think about this .... if the retailer's return rate is 10%, for example, then 90 out of every statement & return labels just end up in the trash.  And we all pay for this stuff .... so just improvise, or stop shopping online.  The brick and mortar stores would love to see you walk in their doors.

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Re: No receipt or return label

Has QVC fixed the problem with the return label not being able to be printed?

I had this happen twice.  I had to wait a week for the return label to come in the mail before I could return. And then it takes days after QVC receives it to get your refund. ( I usually don't find I need to return anything- these 2 just happened one after the other).

Now, I really hesitate to order anything that I made need to return or exchange. 
I find I am shopping at other places.

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Re: No receipt or return label

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Yeah, seriously.  In the past 12 months, I had three orders that had someone else's shipping label on it, and sent somewhere else.  One person returned it, and I was charged the return shipping fee--even though I never received it, and if I had, I would not have returned it.  There are a few items on autodelivery that QVC have skipped shipment on (I guess because of the warehouse fire), but under "my orders", it has all the information, and format, as if it was shipped.  It's hard to keep tabs on those, because they are not labeled as skipped shipments.


Twice, I have received someone else's orders, with their paperwork inside and my shipping label on the box.  I had asked customer service if they were going to refund the return shipping cost to the other person, and I was told no--only if they call as ask for a refund.


Seriously---you're lucky if this has not happened to you at all--Obviously!


And I do walk into brick and mortar stores--it keeps local people employed.