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Re: No notification again?????

The big picture is the QVC website is always wonky.  There are continual problems with function after function. If it isn’t Notifications, it will be something else.


Notifications are not a big deal to me, but they are to others.  I see nothing wrong with the ones who care complaining about not receiving them.



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Re: No notification again?????

@Bugonbike wrote:

Geez. The forums are a service QVC provides to it’s customers. I appreciate the opportunity to exchange information, ideas, and even complaints about products and services with other participants. However, I don’t agree with this ongoing criticism about the management of the site (including whether or not notifications are available). 

Well... maybe because if they're worth doing, they're worth doing right... And don't fool yourself that the forums aren't here for a reason. If management didn't think they brought potential shoppers onto the website, they probably wouldn't exist...

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