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QVC sent out a coupon for $15.00 off of a $50.00 purcharse on apparel, accessories,footwear or jewelry or a combined purchase of those items.  

I saw some Denim & co tees that I really liked and they were on a one time only and if you bought 2 or more you received $3.00 off the second one.  This was my lucky day (NOT)!  Item A588136

The order came to $57.16, and I received an email with that total and the breakdown.

59.96 (both tops) + 7.00 (s&h) + 5.20(tax) - !5.00 off (coupon) = 57.16

I noticed that the $3.00 for the second top had not been applied so I called customer service wanting to know why, after she "checked" into it she said she would apply the $3.00 credit to my order, and lo and behold my order total then came to $70.62!!!!!

Out of the 4 phone calls I have made to customer service, only 1 rep did the math and came to the same conclusion that the total did not include the 15.00 coupon but said she couldn't really tell what the system would do until the order shipped but that the system would most likely fix it. 

The system didnot fix it, the total remains at 70.62 and not only did the last agent I spoke to said it was correct , she took it to "management" who she said checked the math and they said that it was correct.  So I will be returning the items when I get them which I am sure will necessitate another call to the Q if they charge me shipping.

Sorry this is so long but I am very frustrated with this as it should have been a simple fix as long as someone would have done some simple math.

Sad to say Goodbye to the Q as I have been a customer since they began but things are just not the same.

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Why don't you email the Mods with this issue...include all info...they are the BEST at correcting things!!

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Re: No calulators at the Q!

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@Riri80 I agree with @RespectLife , contact the social team. I do believe they could give you the best answer.


With that said, and your post was very long so maybe I missed something, but many times you cannot combine special offers. It seems as though you received a special promotion, getting a discount on the second item? And, you also had a coupon. Most often you can only use one offer at a time, you cannot receive both. My guess is when the discount for the 2nd item was entered it negated the coupon. This is very common practice with retailers, both online and in stores. 

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I find it hard to believe after 4 phone calls to CS, nobody explained to the OP why the calculated total came to what it is.  Maybe she thinks if she keep complaining, it will change. 

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I have the same coupon that I suspect the OP is talking about.


It clearly states that it can only be used once.  So, if an order is canceled (or as I suspect, in this case, changed by one of the CS reps) or returned, the coupon is no longer valid.  The system would register it as already used.


It also states "one promo code per transaction", so it would've been a choice of either the $3 or $15, IMO.


I agree it must be frustrating, but the conditions are stated with the coupon.  I ran into this once some time ago.  You need to read the fine print.

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I totally agree with you!  The whole thing should have been explained to me, but they kept saying that the total included the 15.00 discount.  


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You are lucky you received a coupon.  I have been shopping here for quite a while and haven't received any coupons.