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The "click here" garment sizing has not worked for an item for a few weeks. I want to order but need to know the dimensions. Can you tell me the dimenions for item #A458847 - Isaac pants? I need the waist, hip and lenght for size regular 4 and regular 6. Thank you!

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Re: Need sizing dimensions

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Item Number -  A458847

Style Piece: MISSY PANT

Description            00               0          2              4            6            8       10 12 14 16

Waist Circumference Relaxed at WB top edge2627282930313233.53536.75
Waist Circumference Extended At Seam3435363738394041.54344.75
Low Hip Circumference3435363738394041.54344.5
Low Hip Placement from Waist Top Edge at CF6.68756.756.81256.8756.937577.06257.1257.18757.25
Front Rise from Waist Top Edge10.562510.7510.937511.12511.312511.511.687511.87512.062512.3125
Back Rise from Waist Top Edge15.562515.7515.937516.12516.312516.516.687516.87517.062517.3125
Thigh Circumference 1" Below Crotch Seam22.12522.7523.3752424.62525.2525.87526.7527.687528.625
Knee Circumference 13" Below Crotch20.12520.520.87521.2521.6252222.52323.524.25
Leg Opening Circumference19.12519.519.87520.2520.6252121.52222.523.125

Style Piece: PLUS PANT

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@dollgal I have issues with this too. I find that If I right click & open it "in private browsing" it works everytime.

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yup @dollgal 


size chart comes right up for me too!  No problems


Nice of you @Foxxee to post for her!

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en you're unable to view something like measurement or reviews, try using a different browser.  It usually happens to Safari users.

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THank you Foxxee and everyone