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Re: NO Customer service!

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I had 2 orders of the Amaryllis bulbs with the December 7th ship date.  Got UPS notification they were shipped out the 14th with arrival date of the 18th.


I sent an email to Cottage Farms complaining about the delays Sunday evening because QVC listed they were delayed until after Christmas.  Cottage Farm representative responded back Monday morning that QVC was incorrect about the shipping delays and within 2 hours they were shipped.   So hopefully yours will be the same. 



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I am watching to see where my order goes next.. It was in Washington DC..about 45 mins from me here in Maryland .. it went to  Illinois and has been for days.. I wrote to the Qvc social team and they did not answer as to why my order is in Illinois.In Washington DC.. then to Illinois. I am in Maryland someone needs to look at a map

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Re: NO Customer service!

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I have had the Social Team here help me twice in the past few months so don't complain just ask for their help. They took care of my problems within a few hours and were polite and helpful in their emails. Well done Social Team. Cheers! They get it done! I ordered those bulbs too (on Nov. 25) now suppose to arrive on Dec.20 but I'm upset with Cottage Farms not QVC or the Post Office for such slow shipment. Cottage Farms is not the same since Philip left.

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Honestly when someone is already frustrated you had to add your sarcasm? Not helpful