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Re: My return has not been credited.

I returned an item several weeks ago via USPS. QVC finally sent me an email saying "A refund has been issued."


However, I have NOT seen anything through Paypal or on my credit card yet. (I've called Customer Service twice. They assure me that credit has been issued.) I'm checking on-line daily with QVC, Paypal, and my credit card: NOTHING again today. 


Is QVC really THAT SLOW with their refunds? Why? 

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Re: My return has not been credited.

@Effie54 wrote:

To me, exchanges don't work. I returned a navy blue Irish Aran knit sweater 6 weeks ago, wanted a different color.....nothing, crickets. They really shouldn't advertise free exchanges. 





You either first have to contact EZ returns, the mods or CS to actually get an even exchange.


My new one is shipped out b4 the old even gets back.


If anyone is mailing it back (esp using the slow return label system) w/ the info filled out on the form...that's a losing battle.


The returns dept is one of QVC biggest downfalls.