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My 3 returns not showing correct tracking

I returned 3 items, and shipped them off on May 6th. I have my receipt from the post office with correct tracking numbers which say they were picked up by agent on May 7th. But when I go to “track return” on the order page it says no information available. I chatted with customer care a few days ago and she told me it shows nothing, that they were never even scanned. That’s not true, because I have my postal receipt which shows entirely different tracking numbers and shows that I shipped them, and that they were picked up. It is in green, which means delivered. I can send a screenshot of my postal receipt proving that I shipped them back. I need help with this, because I was charged another payment for the three items this month, and I need my money back from the payments that I have already made on them.
I don’t understand why on the order page, on “track my return”, that it shows entirely different tracking numbers than what was on the labels? Also the tracking numbers on the “track my return” page has my zip code imbedded in there, and that’s not how the tracking numbers are. Can someone from customer care please help? I can send a screenshot of my postal receipt where I shipped them in May 6th.
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Re: My 3 returns not showing correct tracking


I am sorry that you are unable to track your returns. Please send an email to with the order numbers and I will be happy to investigate this.

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Re: My 3 returns not showing correct tracking

I can't track my package either. I had USPS pick it up on May 14th (I saw the postal worker pick it up). I don't know what happened to it after that.

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Re: My 3 returns not showing correct tracking

@Mamalama7 and @Dennieee - Welcome to the forums! QVC updated its Order Status pages a few months ago, and ever since, the return tracking information has not been working properly. As the lovely @Beth-QVC has noted, you can send an email to the social team for assistance in tracking your return, or you can enter tracking numbers on the website of the QVC returns agent, Newgistics, to check on the progress of your package:


(Note that returns often take a long time to be processed and exchanged or credited to your account, and in the past couple of months, things have been even slower as the Q's staff deals with special handling due to the pandemic.)

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Re: My 3 returns not showing correct tracking

@Mamalama7  First, welcome.  It is taking several weeks for returns to be processed.  My post office is closed, and the main post office will not allow anyone with prepaid packages to even enter.  I returned something several weeks ago, and it took more than 10 days for the Q to notify me that they had it.   I had already called USPS customer service, and they told me to expect a minimum of 10-14 days for packages to get to their destination.


If you are very concerned, give them a call 1-800-275-8777.  You can leave your number and they will call back within a specified period of time.

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