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I ordered the Christmas Apples with autodelivery for the Spring Apples.  They were suppose to ship today and instead they show as back ordered.  I contacted Customer Service by Chat and was told that it was because they can't get the ingredients because of shipping issues and if they can't fulful the order in two to three weeks, I will be notified.  However, I just checked and they are offering the large apples with sprinkles.  This is so wrong.  Don't offer auto-delivery and then not fulfil those orders and offer "new" purchases of "similar" item.  That is so dishonest.

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Since they use and offer different types of apples,  maybe the other offer is for a type of apple that is actually available.  They don't have total control over the readiness of apples.

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Then they shouldn't offer auto-delivery for apples that are not available in the spring.  And no I don't believe that all of that particular type of apple was ruined by weather.  

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It sound as if they are having a supply issue with some of the ingredients. I am not exactly sure what you want them to do.


There are a lot of items non food related that have run into issues during this pandemic, manufacturers are not able to obtain the raw goods or parts.


I know it's frustrating but either wait to see if they can deliver or cancel the order. 

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Q is just the middle man so contact Mrs Prindables on their website if you want more'll see the different types & sizes of apples offered too. You ordered a certain type of apple so that's what you're  going to get & if it's not available right now then sadly you'll have to wait. Be well @HavealwaysbeenAmaw.

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I agree, they shouldn't advertise and sell a product that they aren't sure that they can provide and ship.


It just makes sense.

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i tried to write a review but it wont let me but these are the worst apples i have ever tasted  the sprinkles were very cheap and chalky, the caramel was cheap, and the chocolate and white chip ones the chocolate was awful  the only thing good was the green apple underneath  nothing about these apples say GOURMET  they are by far the worst apples i ever tasted in my life   seriously