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Re: @Melvin-QVC, Positive Feeback

@KingstonsMom  Kingston



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Re: @Melvin-QVC, Positive Feeback

Ontario California is just one of the multitude of problems qvc is dumping on us.  99 percent of my merchandise is sent from Lancaster, PA, to South Florida, and it is no better most of the time. If QVC's alleged new distribution center has not finished completion, WHY CAN'T SHIPPING AND PROCESSING CONTINUE AS IT WAS, UNLESS OF COURSE EMPLOYEES WERE LET GO IN PROCESSING, SHIPPING, AND RETURNS BECAUSE  THEY LOST MONEY IN THE 1ST QUARTER OF THIS YEAR.  WHY SHOULD ALL THE ASPECTS OF QVC BUSINESS COME TO A HALT BECAUSE A NEW DISTRIBUTION CENTER WAS NOT COMPLETED ON TIME.  DON'T YOU HAVE THE OLD DISTRIBUTION CENTER OPERATING, IF NOT, ALL I CAN DO IS LAUGH AT THIS WHOLE UGLY MESS

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Re: @Melvin-QVC, Positive Feeback

Another order placed yesterday 6/6 and shipped today 6/7, at 3:29 this morning!

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