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5/23/23 - Customer Service said my BWB was being mailed out the next day.

               She said it would be here in 7-10 days (as other have noted)


6/1/23 - I just received a CUSTOMER SERVICE email that said, the box that I ordered

             at the beginning of the program with my required item, is NOT coming due

             to it being sold out.

              However, I AM RECEIVING a $10 credit to my account.


              Since we are not permitted to see our accounts, I have to call customer

               service to see if it was done.


              Someone said if I would do a PRETEND sale, I could see what credits

              are on my account.,,, just do not hit SUBMIT.


              Customer service said last week, as someone posted here, they do

               erase credits from your account, but she did not know if you were notified



This forum notes that hosts, talk over each other, do not explain the products, and wear ill-fitting clothing, etc... right now, it appears to be just a diversion that QVC cannot have the customer have transparency with their own money. Not being able to count how many gift bags they have, that is scarey.  If the goal was to clear out their inventory with people purchasing items that they would not have done, QVC achieved that goal. 


Now back to customer service who gave me the incorrect amount on my "credits" unless of course, QVC needed for more employee buyouts.

As others have noted, many people donate regularly to cancer causes, we just thought we were getting a treat with the donation.  



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Re: MY BWB box is NOT coming!

That is just not right. 


QVC knows how many gifts they have to give with orders.  They would be better served to announce at the beginning of the program that they have X amount of free gifts to give with order.  Then, keep the customers up to date on how many remain.  I suppose they don't do this because orders may taper off when gifts are gone. 


But,they do offer good prices during these shows, and many would order any way to help the cause. 

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Re: MY BWB box is NOT coming!

To the OP I got my voicemail today. Considering this is an issue EVERY year, here are a few suggestions;

1) Stop the pre-sale. Only sell items the day of the actual event, OR only eligible purchases for GWP are the day of the sale. Then it is literally first come first serve.

2) VERY clearly and HONESTLY state how many GWP you have left on a ticker in screen all day, or at a minimum, ONLINE.

3) If GWP sells out, by the time the formal show airs, clearly state what the contingency plan is up front and in writing. Do NOT continue to hype it for two solid hours on live TV and on a Livestream for an additional hour,



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Re: MY BWB box is NOT coming!

Agree. I ordered my item at 9:01 exactly because I thought you had to wait until program was on to get the extra gift. My bad. My point though is they must have been out of them before program even aired. Poor Alberti was quite the nuisance showing the free gift every 5 minutes it seemed, lol all for nothing. QVC had to have known they were out of free product before the program evn aired. That makes me mad. Now I have a credit on my account (maybe) to buy more merchandise from them. I will not fall for this next year for sure. 

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Re: MY BWB box is NOT coming!

They had to be out of them before the show even started! Talk about a bait and switch! Did anybody get a bag? They hyped it up every 15 minutes and obviously they were already out of them!

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Re: MY BWB box is NOT coming!

I got one and trust me it was nothing to be excited about. Old products. Smelly products. Tiny sizes. A few full size things but the WEN was old and smelled. Like always!!! And everything else has been done before. Boring.
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Re: MY BWB box is NOT coming!

Almost identical experience to ConsumReporter.  Ordered bwb item.  Never received.  Called, chatted, told " ships separately, will be going out the next day. "


Called, chatted again after patiently waiting only to be told "shipping tomorrow, went out in batches, give it 7-10 working days." 

First, qvc should only sell the exact same number of items during Bwb that they have gwps for.  Not doing so is called bait and switch.


Second, saying limited supplies, first come first served is understandable but not having enough stock to match what your selling is ridiculous with computers monitoring stock and supplies, they know what they have.


Third, obviously knew it was an issue telling the same script to all of us checking on our gwps.  Lying or deceptive either way.


Finally, $10 credit.  What?  The gwp was worth more than $10.  Maybe a fair value of $25 store credit would be more appropriate.  Too bad we can't all write corporate and express our disappointment.