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Re: MOD Help...Order still in process??

I have three orders from 10/19, but on two they changed the date to 10/20.  I ordered on the 19th.  Also one is Mally's dark circle concelear and last night or yesterday they were showing it again on TV.  Why not fill orders from previous orders?   One item was suppose to come in today and its still in process.  I'm through with how horrible QVC has gotten.  I emailed them and no response.  After all these years with them they got worse in the last few and this year the worst.  Hire more people or people in the warehouse that know what they are doing.  CS can't help, they have no power whatsoever, except the mods here it seems.  Disgusted, but this is nothing compared to what we are going through now in No. Calif.  Power shut off again tomorrow and a fire that can't be contained.  Wow, 43 years here and no trouble until 23017 with fires.