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Again, LTS is missing on my Mac, iPhone and iPad.

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As well as my computer and Samsung android phone. 

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@Dinaki wrote:

Again, LTS is missing on my Mac, iPhone and iPad.

I can't find them either. I look forward to seeing these products daily.

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Me too. It's past 2pm EST in my neck of the woods, and I haven't seen them either. I even tried typing "lunchtime specials" in the search and they still wouldn't come up.

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Same here!   Getting sick of having to use a computer when I can conveniently use my phone or tablet

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Re: Lunchtime Specials

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I pulled them up  first thing this morning  in the search bar

lunchtime special pricing

then I pulled up

primetime special pricing


I just got:

223 results for
"lunchtime special pricing"
93 results for
"primetime special pricing"
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Re: Lunchtime Specials

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It's 3 pages of LOGO. If you like that line. Primetime is 93 LOGO items! Now I did learn a new way to look them up primetime special pricing or lunchtime special pricing.

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that does the job, too

a couple of beauty products come up every time