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Could you please put the dimensions on ALL the Lock n Lock containers?  Some of them have the dimensions and some have just the cup capacity.  The cup capacity does no good if you're trying to fit them in your cupboards or pantry. 

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I have requested this info a couple of times in the suggestion forum.  I agree that the dimensions of the containers are necessary especially in sets that have large container to see if there is enough room to store them.  Why can't they listen to us?

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HI could you please bring back the egg carrier? I need a new one or 3. Helps transfer eggs for home to the trailer or just from the store. ty

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I would love to see the Lock n lock egg container sold separately or maybe in a set of 2.  I also usually buy the 18 count eggs and would like to see Lock n Lock make an 18 count storage container  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Lock Lock.  I cannot begim to tell you how many sets I have.



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I'm a total lock n lock fan!  I threw away all of the other plastic containers that I'd collected throughout the years. Nothing beats it.

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I am not sure if they still have the 18 count egg containers but they used to have them as I have 2 sets of those and 2 of the 12 count egg containers.  I love them.  Good luck finding them.  Maybe Chris can tell you if they still have them.