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Re: Lock and Lock buyers BEWARE!!

I have many pieces of Lock and Lock, some going back to their first presentations on QVC. Some of them have pitted after a tour through the microwave and some of the tabs have broken off a few pieces, but most of them work very well. I've got both plastic and glass. I've given them as gifts, either on their own or containing baked goods. The recipients are always happy to get them and frequently ask where they can get them.


I still have some Tupperware pieces which I really liked back in the 70's and 80's, but rarely use anymore. I prefer Lock and Lock for a variety of reasons, but also because I can look through the bottom to see what's in them without removing the lid. I can't do this with Tupperware. Also, the Tupperware lids tend to warp, reducing their sealing ability. 

BOTTOM LINE: Buy what works for you. If you decide you don't like something after trying it, return it or stop buying it, if you can't return it anymore. 

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Re: Lock and Lock buyers BEWARE!!

Another here who has tons of L&L, some very old. 


I have had 2 tabs break in all these years and had NO problem getting a replacement.


The 2nd replacement was just before Covid.  L&L is from overseas, so I imagine they have the same issues getting parts in as every other vendor of imports has had.


I will continue to buy it and use it.


I have zapped and it has never, ever melted!!!!  LOL


I'm sorry the OP had issues, but for me, there is Nothing to 'Beware' of.

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Re: Lock and Lock buyers BEWARE!!

I will clarify for you. No lid was used in reheating. I never said that in my post.  I don't think 2 minutes at 30% power is too much to ask.  Secondly they do say to reheat leftovers in these things like pasta. They shouldn't say microwave safe if it isn't PERIOD! Common sense would tell you to listen to the selling pitch and read the instructions. MICROWAVE SAFE AND BPA FREE.   

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Re: Lock and Lock buyers BEWARE!!

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          I also have bought L and L since they were first presented.  I have had several tabs break off some of my older pieces.  Didn't bother to replace lids because they were about 10 plus years old.  I never heat anything plastic in the micro.   

         I have switched to glass containers for storage and reheating. Am slowly getting rid of older plastic pieces and buying glass...

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Re: Lock and Lock buyers BEWARE!!

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I've owned lock&lock since 2002. I never put any plastic containers in the microwave. And the latches on my original pieces still work. 
Over the years, I had one piece break and that was when I took it out of the freezer and dropped it on the floor. 

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Re: Lock and Lock buyers BEWARE!!

I've been buying LocknLock for just a few years, but I'm very happy. 



I do use them in the microwave. So far, no problems. I turn the lid upside down, as instructed. 




 I have broken a few tabs, but when I think about it, each piece costs about $3. So if I can't repurpose it, I can recycle it. I would pay the same or more for the Hefty or Glad disposable containers. 




I've given a lot of the holiday ones as gifts filled with treats.




So I will keep buying them from time to time.  Smiley Happy