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Re: Lock and Lock buyers BEWARE!!

In defense of LocknLock. I have pieces dating back to the first time they were presented on QVC. I have never had a problem with any pieces. I use common sense and treat them correctly.


Any food with acid (especially with tomato) will pit and stain plastic if heated in the microwave.


Maybe I'm lucky but I will continue to buy it if I see something I want.

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Re: Lock and Lock buyers BEWARE!!



I also have been using L&L since it premiered here decades ago and i have never had a piece crack or break or had a tab to lock them break off.


I've also bought some sets at TJMaxx, Ross, etc. and have had no problem with those either.


I also don't heat food in them, I store food in them, then put the food in a microwave safe bowl or plate to heat it.


I don't heat food in any kind of plastic at all.


I continue to buy pieces I need/want too!

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Re: Lock and Lock buyers BEWARE!!

If it's plastic it's just common sense that over time the piece will stain if used repeatedly for heating food.  I am also one who rarely uses the microwave to heat or reheat food.  If I do use it, I use a glass bowl or a piece of Corning Ware. 


My Lock and Lock pieces look fine and some of mine are quite old now.  If I had to register a complaint it would be that the lids for the round bowls could undergo some improvement. The lids for the canisters and square pieces don't seem to have the breaking problem I've encountered with the round lids.  It should be noted that they are made differently and perhaps they should ditch the 4 little clips used on the rounds and come up with something where the top just snaps into place over the bowl as Debbie Meyer Green Boxes have.     

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Re: Lock and Lock buyers BEWARE!!

I had a latch on L&L break the first time I used it.  Like everything else, they don't make them like they used to.


I thought Tupperware was awful.  Once you heated something in them, the lids never fit again. 

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Re: Lock and Lock buyers BEWARE!!

@reviewer from sc wrote:

I agree that I would never heat anything within the Lock n Lock pieces. I would be afraid they would melt, or maybe the food would stain the pieces. Doesn't matter what the guest or host says about that. I would use either a plate or glass bowl for heating in the microwave. I would use a pan for the oven. My Lock n Lock pieces are just for storage, which they are great for that. 

Completely agree....

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Re: Lock and Lock buyers BEWARE!!

I have been buying Lock&Lock for 15 years and I have never ever had a problem with the pieces I bought. I rarely heat items in the micorwave and I have to say it keeps food fresher longer. I love Lock&Lock and will continue buying it.

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Re: Lock and Lock buyers BEWARE!!

I still have and use my 40 year old Tupperware, my 20 year old Lock and 
Lock and a bunch of dollar store containers.


I have never had a problem with any of it.  No how, no way would I put any plastic in the microwave.  I don't use my microwave for much, but if something needs heated up, I use glass or ceramic for that purpose.


When food gets hot, especially greasy food, it causes plastic to pit and stain.  If plastic gets very cold as in kept in the freezer, it will cracked if dropped.  Common sense...if any manufacturer or person says otherwise, why would anyone believe them?

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Re: Lock and Lock buyers BEWARE!!

I am still using original pieces that were first presented by Bob Bowersox, and have added other pieces over the years.  They have all held up very well.  However, I do not use them in the microwave.

In defense of Lock and Lock, Tupperware would also discolor and pit if used in the microwave under the conditions mentioned by the OP.


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Re: Lock and Lock buyers BEWARE!!

I have bought many lock& Lock pieces over the years and I find that my older pieces are more durable, the tabs on the newer versions have a tendency to snap off, where my older pieces are still in great condition, it's a shame.

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Re: Lock and Lock buyers BEWARE!!

I wish someone had told me BEWARE you will like these things and buy many . . . 


As far as the warranty, well I don't expect things like this to last forever so I probably wouldn't bother trying to get a replacement.  Same with Temp-tations.  I get my money's worth out of these things.

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