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Re: Let us Cancel if not shipping

I have been told that my item ordered mid may has been selected for shipping so I could not cancel but would get by today- not original date of 6/1. Then it went to backorder, then in process-it still is in process. So can not cancel.
I researched if Pennsylvania is open for business yet and also if QVC has a covid 19 breakout at their warehouse?
A news article returned from April 30 regarding the closing of the Lancaster Pa warehouse along with one in TN and one in VA. Laying off 1100+ employees. They are merging everything into one warehouse in Bethlehem PA. So it may be a logistical error at this point and not Covid-19 related but more of an excuse.
They should be hiring more employees to fulfill their orders vs laying off if they are having delays in processing because of Covid-19.
I am thinking very seriously about every single purchase.
I have not had a delay on vender direct shipped items like Linea jewelry.
Also, it seems like they are overselling items again.
Beware that you should not count on delivery by the listed date. There used to be a rule that items had to be delivered to QVC warehouse from the vender prior to QVC selling it and confirming a delivery date to us. I think it’s not the venders but QVC not getting item out of the warehouses.