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Chair is nice and comfortable but the delivery people who delivered were NOT nice. It was like a drive by shooting. Drop and run. Wouldn't even bring it in side the front door for us! I don't call that threshold delivery. AIT Worldwide Logistics should only delivery air.  Very dissappointed with what QVC said about delivery and what we got. Should have bought local and got better customer service.

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You should have bought local.  I don't understand how/why people who have access to local stores would buy such a high ticket item from TV????

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Perhaps because many don't consider a chair an essential enough of an item to go into a local store when it can be delivered on your doorstep.

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@kaydee50 Well let me count the ways...........TV purchases - Mattress or Chair

Bought two mattresses from local - both were terrible after a short period of time

Hammock stuff

Bought two from QVC - after 4 or 5 years still excellent sleeping


If lucky local sells 1 or 2 of product per day - if lucky - have to make profit on those

QVC sells hundreds or thousands in one day - better pricing


Locals charge a lot for delivery and (some cases) won't take your old away = your problem


Personally I trust QVC's word about a product more b/c they will be here tomorrow

Local sales person maybe working at McDonalds next week

Sorry this poster had bad experience with Laz-Boy delivery.  I would report same to QVC and shipper.




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Isn't that what is meant by threshold delivery?  Just to the door?

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@Liamdog.  You would have paid a lot more for inside delivery.  Threshold means to your threshold NOT ACROSS it.  The delivery people have strict instructions on wh a t they are and are not allowed to do, so don't blame them.  They would have lost their jobs if they'd brought the chair inside and had damaged it going through the doorway.  You may not have like the arrangement but you got what you paid for.


Yes, I'd buy local too.

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Re: Lazy Boy Chair

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Yes, I think you got what you paid for.  This is from the item's description:


"When it's delivered, your product will be placed in your garage, or in the doorway or first entry of your home. In a shared entrance condo or apartment, the product will be delivered to the main lobby or building, not the individual unit."



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Re: Lazy Boy Chair

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Oh look.



Another "newbie", and per the playbook, first post is to badmouth QVC for something that wasn't their fault.



If history is any indicator, the o/p won't be back.




If one pays attention, one sees a pattern.





It was the o/p's responsibility to know what threshold delivery meant, and not assume what it meant.



That isn't QVC's fault.

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Since Covid deliveries have changed.  My neighbor had a refrigerator delivered but they would not take it in.  Need to check when buying what the details are for delivery.


This virus has changed a lot of things.

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Threshold is to the front door not inside. That's what I was always told.