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I am a frequent shopper of Belle By Kim Gravel.   Who decides how many of one item is for sale?  Most of the time, Kim's clothing is sold out the first few minutes it is shown and sometimes, even before,  

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@Tulip fan My guess is since sales are down, QVC has cut back on ordering perhaps across the board.  It would make sense not to have inventory on hand at this time.  JMHO. Glad that you have found a product that you like, enjoy!

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Kim's flexabelle jeans are always in demand.  They sell out quickly.  I think the supplier cant keep up, its been that way since Kim's line started on QVC.  Her tops also seem to be popular.  Everything I have gotten from her line has been good quality, especially the jeans.

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@Tulip fan  I would think the decisions involve more than I can know-  some of it could be how much money is involved overall and how that money is being allotting that day, but certainly some of the decision depends upon the terms of the contract between QVC and Kim's company and that probably depends upon the contract between Kim's company and her supplier!   


Someone whose job has been as a buyer for a large company would have to tell us, but I also feel the buying decisions involve more aspects than we shoppers know.  Some of it has to be a guess-  why else would there be so many odds and ends for sale at the discount stores and so much awful hanging on the clearance racks in lots of brick and mortars?





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Decisions on what and how much to buy are made by the buyers.


I like Kim's jeans okay (along with others) but I think the quality of the fabric and construction of her tops is horrid and they're certainly over-priced.  After my last disappointment, they're on my no-buy list. If they sell out before you get one, consider yourself lucky.

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I ordered the Belle Beach top that was a TSV a few months back in sand bar and absolutely love it. I would love to order more of her tops, but I just don't want to spend $50-$60 per top, plus $3.50 per item to ship.


Plus, the hectic selling techniques lately really turn me off and, I believe, contribute to impulse buying (at least for me). If I turn the channel or do something else, I soon forget about it and am usually happy I didn't order it. Smiley Very Happy

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I love Kim Gravel's clothes.  I own several pieces.  I just wish she would offer tall sizes.  On yesterday's show, Katia - who is 5'10 - was modeling a pair of joggers.  The joggers were supposed to come to the ankles.  They were capri's on her.  However, Katia pulled it off.  She looks good in everything.

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I like her clothes, but I think her prices are high...