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👍🏾 KUDOS to the "Q" IT Department 👍🏾

ThankYou-smiley.gifTY Languages.pngThankYou-smiley.gif

For fixing the "inserting" pic issue(s) that were taking over a minute to post.


I have been testing for about a month now.  Pics from.....

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at Fri, Aug 14, 2020-6.54.58 PM.png

are posting just under 5 seconds.



Attention Mods:  Please make sure to notify the IT dept.






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Re: 👍🏾 KUDOS to the "Q" IT Department 👍🏾

@Mz iMac  Let me second that. They take a beating, more times than not and, I'd gingerly add, more times than not it's justified, but giving credit where it's due, I too was adding pictures to posts earlier and found the experience quick and seamless. Likewise, I've found accessing profiles to also be a much less onerous experience. Here's hoping these fixes are here to stay! 

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Re: 👍🏾 KUDOS to the "Q" IT Department 👍🏾


Amen, @Mz iMac and @stevieb!   I see the difference and I really appreciate the improvements!thumbs up gif




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