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Re: Just BAD customer “care”, QVC



This is the new norm I've received clothing from Kohls, JCP, Bealls  -- no invoices enclosed.


I had to return items they looked them up using my cc.  These returns were done in store and they had directions for returning by mail (they charge service fee if you use their return label).  I assume the barcodes reflect prices paid.


I've had invoices on all my Q packages -- some unreadable due to 3 part peel off luckily I don't do too many returns due to costs to QVC I'd rather donate (some items costs as much to return as the item itself).



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Re: Just BAD customer “care”, QVC

After today's trip to the post office I am officially divorcing from HSN and separating from QVC.

I'm in NW NJ. Two parcels mailed. #1 was a med/large size box with some heavier, fragile, well-wrapped items sent to MD, near DC. $13.70, Priority Mail.


#2 was an envelope containing 3 very lightweight summer tops to HSN. Printed my label to pay on my own. Shipping to TN, via ground shipping (cheapest available to me) :$12.00.