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@moderators, beth, melvin etc...........again, I cannot read the reviews....on several different items....specifically Denim and Co and Anybody louge wear shows.

Can someone remind me how to acces the reviews, that shoud be showing up but are not.  I did shut down and restart my MaBook Air.    Using. 10.14.6  OS/Safari 



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Add my voice to the chorus. I will not buy certain things without reading the reviews. It is so frustrating I am now ready to buy some breezies underwear and I want to be able to read the reviews to see how they fit. This is so frustrating.


It’s also frustrating when you can’t open the pictures. I am on an iPad.  QVC you just lost an order because I went to eBay.

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Re: Items recently on air

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@Mom2Dogs @bhv 


do this:


Google search this


“reviews for 

AnyBody Regular Cozy Knit Jogger Pants”



reviews for



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So I TRIED AGAIN to look at reviews that I wanted to see...still not showing up.  But thank you to @LTT1 Then I went to the items currently airing (kitchen) the pot covers....the product descripton page reads that there are reviews but those review are not showing up...what gives??


My original question has not been answered by the social team on these boards, makes me wonder what is going on, usually they were of great help and quick to answer questions.

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@Mom2Dogs - At least for me, the QVC site has been verrrrry slow to load pages at times today. I finally gave up this morning after multiple experiences of pages only partially loading and came back an hour later to find things were a little better. Ever since the most recent site "upgrade," the loading sequence affects the middle section of all the item descriptions, which includes reviews, so check to see if the page has loaded fully if you can access the item photo and price but the rest of the page seems blank.


As for the towel and pot holder set that was on earlier, if there are any reviews posted, they would be useless because that set is brand new today and was only added to the website at midnight. I have definitely noticed that when browsing items, I'll sometimes see in the results page that an item has reviews only to click into the item page and find that there are no reviews at all. This website is always an adventure...

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@loriqvc Thanks, I'll try to look at the items again....I  also noticed that it has been taking quite a while for a page to load, grrrr....heck of a way to try and shop!

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@melvin, beth, ANY MODERATOR.....again this morning 8-19-19, reviews are not showing up.

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I don’t know what’s happened to you, QVC, but I’ve had about enough. Reviews are missing (I can’t shop without reviews), orders sit “in process” for DAYS, refunds take about 2 weeks to process, then another week or so for refund to show up. I’ve shopped here since the 1980’s but retail has changed and you haven’t. I can shop on Amazon and get my item within a day. If I have to return it for some reason, the refund is in my account even before I’m back from the UPS store—and the return shipping is often free!  I see Amazon is also offering their version of easy pay on some items. QVC, you’ve got a long way to go to stay relevant. I don’t think I can wait around. I’ll have to take my excessive spending elsewhere. 

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Re: What’s Hapenning to QVC?!

AGREE!!!  Everything you said is what I have found to b true also!  It’s really unbelievabl!!!!

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I think reviews on clearance items are no longer showing. There’s a small explanation giving the ratings but that’s all.  I really don’t like this, I don’t buy things without reviews.