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By now (2/11/21) at 5 pm.  This should have been corrected.  Q is large enough to have their own IT department.


I still can't get in my regular way.  I have to google.

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My issue is that I walk away and have to sign in again, over and over. It was better for a day or so, but no longer. You can bet at the end of it all, we'll learn there's been some vast 'improvement' or 'upgrade' (not) to the website...

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No problem on this side.  Always use my desk top and so far it's ok. Signed in this morning and just now and it worked. Also was able to sign in to my orders without any problem.

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My eyes are so bad I miss the robot test all the time! Lately I have had to change my password several times when I try and log in to Q. It isn’t saving it
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I use an Ipad and it requires me to sign on twice before I can comment on these forums.

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I'm on a desk top and always am and I've not had any problems.  I hate to say that because now we'll see what happens.  LOL

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Seems worse again today.  If that weren't enough, now when you go to sign in AGAIN, it takes you to a page with all these peoples' pictures.  I have no idea who any of them are but they are a very good-looking bunch of people.  Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to scroll (and scroll and scroll!) down to find the login field.


This shouldn't be so complicated and I suspect it probably wouldn't be if they used software from this century.  


/rant  (it's getting tiresome)

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A service request has been opened with our IT team. Please post here if you continue to have issues signing after you have cleared all cookies/cache and updated all QVC Apps also change browsers. In your post please indicate if you have success or failure and which devices and browser, this will help out IT department determine what is causing this issue, thank you. Kim

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Mine is still out from my own message you tried to help but didn't work.


I'm only  posting here cause you said post here........ Smiley Happy


The only way I can get in anyplace on QVC is to google my way in.........


I have no access to any sign in areas.

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Re: Issues Signing In

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Personally, I'm not sure anything will help said IT department... Nor should users have to clear and clean and switch browsers in order to use a website... This is unique to here... I use Chrome exclusively, as I'm on a Chromebook... I do not access QVC via a phone or tablet nor do I have (or want) any 'apps'... I can usually sign in, after scrolling past a half dozen or so giant size pictures of QVC staff and vendors... Unfortunately, the time-out has become ridiculously short, forcing many of us to have to sign in relentlessly... Every time someone decides to tinker with the site it seems there are more glitches, and usually, any modifications to the site were not worth the problems they created.



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