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Why are most of my packages not coming with an invoice?

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Perhaps they're being shipped directly from the vendor?


I still get invoices in most of my orders.  But once in a while, I don't.  I recently purchased a vacuum that did not have an invoice.  I assume that's because it came directly from the vendor.  I've noticed that while I normally get all shipping and billing materials with vendor-shipped orders, every once in a while I don't.


But I do have to say that once in a while I don't get an invoice from QVC shipped orders either.  My opinion is that some of the new shipping labels do not include the invoice that's supposed to be underneath.

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@geezerette    They're not coming from a vendor.  The ones I've received were clothing items shipped from the Ontario, Ca. warehouse.


Who knows why there's no invoice?  Maybe their machine is broken, maybe there's a new employee who doesn't know one is to be included, maybe they're saving paper.

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@maddy49, I agree, this is happening quite frequently.

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Some items are shipped directly from the vendor.

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Yes, to California.  Received a package today and no paperwork.  It fit, so I did not worry about it.  But this is not the first time.

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 I complained to customer service and requested for them to mail me an invoice. I've complained about poor packaging that results in breakage. 
 I asked him to report it and he said they are working on it. So they are aware that there's a problem,

 I don't have a printer so from now on I'll call and ask for an invoice. 
  I HATE the sticky labels that never pull apart. 


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My biggest problem with the sticky labels is that by the time you’ve peeled off the top 2 layers, the return label return label coding is unreadable. My post office tells me I’m returning at my own risk because they can’t track it. I end up having to print another label of my own.