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@little daisy wrote:

I orderded four pair of jogger pants frome Qvc.Two pair was ordered  with credit I had frome a gift card, the other two on my credit card. when the pants came the where why to big on me so I sent them back requesting my refund on the origional way I paid for ihem...It took over a week to get there, yesterday morning I want to check the status of my refund and noticed  two pair where in the process of being shipped. I was shocked I asked for a refund not more pants to be shipped. I called costomer service and was told there was nothing I could do. I asked what size are they sending, it was the size I sent back. I made it very clear I wanted a refund. What kind of people do they hire that cant read a shipping label correctly. Now I have to wait for them to be shipped and then send them back agair which will be over a week and a half span. I worry that they dont make mistakes with my gift card credits and Im not getting the correct amount back. I alway loved  Qvc but its going down hill. I know nothiing will be done about my complaint but I had to tell soomeone.:


         Several years ago, after an error with a return, I called QVC.   I had a very flippant CS young man tell me that no one reads those return shipping slips! 

        He suggested that I call and have the CS person write - in my account - the action I wanted from QVC!!!

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They don't read what you write on the return slips.  Ever.  I've sent things back to exchange and just get a credit - and of course charged a return fee.  Grrrr!  That little slip is useless.