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I orderded four pair of jogger pants frome Qvc.Two pair was ordered  with credit I had frome a gift card, the other two on my credit card. when the pants came the where why to big on me so I sent them back requesting my refund on the origional way I paid for ihem...It took over a week to get there, yesterday morning I want to check the status of my refund and noticed  two pair where in the process of being shipped. I was shocked I asked for a refund not more pants to be shipped. I called costomer service and was told there was nothing I could do. I asked what size are they sending, it was the size I sent back. I made it very clear I wanted a refund. What kind of people do they hire that cant read a shipping label correctly. Now I have to wait for them to be shipped and then send them back agair which will be over a week and a half span. I worry that they dont make mistakes with my gift card credits and Im not getting the correct amount back. I alway loved  Qvc but its going down hill. I know nothiing will be done about my complaint but I had to tell soomeone.:

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@little daisy that is a big mess.I would call customer service back and see if they can’t be more helpful.If the person you talk to hasn’t got a satisfactory solution ask for a supervisor.

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I suggest reaching out to the Mods in this forum. They have been outstanding with complex ordering problems. 

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@ Montana wrote:

I suggest reaching out to the Mods in this forum. They have been outstanding with complex ordering problems. 

Montana is right. Maybe rewrite your request and put something about "Can a Mod help me?" in the title. They are great!

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@little daisy I appreciate what a hassle this mixup is for you. I’m sure QVC regrets the error but if the stuff is in transit they cannot actually turn it around from delivery.


But you do not have to receive the shipment sent in error and then return it with your own effort. You can REFUSE the shipment from UPS or USPS and they will return it to QVC automatically. You can leave a note for the carrier at your door or mailbox or refuse it in person if you are there when it arrives. 

If you have Informed Delivery from the post office or My UPS from that carrier, you will have advance notice of the delivery and get the refusal done timely. If you have a tracking number you still can see the expected date. 


Don’t let yourself get further aggravated with another return. Try getting ready to refuse the package. 


Hope things work work out better for you on this messed up order. 

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Send an e-mail with all your information to

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@Alice-QVC @Melvin-QVC @Susan-QVC @Beth-QVC -Would someone please assist @little daisy ?  TIA

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CS has apologized for the error and has already agreed to refund ALL charges, so what else are they expected to do?


Mistakes happen in any business.

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Hi @little daisy I am so sorry that happened. I sent an email to you.

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It seems that for QVC the smallest  simplest things are so very very difficult for them to do right. I just do not know how they stay in business actually.....