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Re: I am Totally Disgusted with CS

@lovesallanimals  I'm not a part of "Customer Care" so I'm just sharing my opinion, not facts. QVC has become a shadow of what it used to be. I used to brag about their unique items, speedy delivery, excellent CS, honesty, etc.. That said, I rarely order from QVC anymore. It's a disappointment to see what it's become. 

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Re: I am Totally Disgusted with CS

Sad, but true. Long-time customer here; started with my mother as a teen. I'm 47 now, and if my mother were alive, she'd be angry and disappointed, and would nearly stop shopping with them as well. 

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Re: I am Totally Disgusted with CS

Hi Loves.   I am too but just to warn you - when I posted / vented about CS a few weeks ago I got jumped by the mean girls club.  That aside, I'm guessing that like many companies QVC/HSN is having staffing issues along with supply chain issues from the fire a few months back. I feel your pain - it gets tough to not have minimal expectations met. I think we have to get used to it. 

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Re: I am Totally Disgusted with CS

@GurlfriendVet wrote:

As others have stated I rarely shop QVC anymore! My daughter got her dept store online order 10 days before mine we ordered same day! Social team explained tracking  was down Renee's denim jumper I love did show up after social team kept me updated! I needed updated pajamas got them cheaper faster using dept store! My daughter needed office clothes so I told her QVC has nice selection actually beat dept store prices! Qvc has shipped her order! THANK YOU for not making me look bad! Haha Signed Marie Barone (Everybody Loves Raymond)hahaha Qvc needs to allow order cancellation if not shipped within 48 hours! Dept stores don't charge my card UNTIL SHIPPED!! 

@GurlfriendVet QVC doesn't charge your card until shipped either.