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I Don't Like The Return Labels

They are hard to peel apart from the shipping label and sometimes tear. I wish you would go back to putting the invoice and return label inside of the package.


Just one more reason to stop shopping with QVC!

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Re: I Don't Like The Return Labels

I agree!!!!!

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Re: I Don't Like The Return Labels


 I'm annoyed trying to peel the sticky layers of invoice/label.


I used to keep my invoices so I could refer back to them. 

I've decided I don't order enough to bother with that anymore.


Still, I'm not entirely comfortable recycling the box unless I remove the sticky layers. I have to wonder if someone could make use of any of that information in those layers.

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Re: I Don't Like The Return Labels

I know printing from your computer requires tape and glue, but I have found on the rare occasion when I have returned something this works best for me.  On the computer, I can see what I'm writing on the return form and print the outside label in the size I feel best suits the package. 

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Re: I Don't Like The Return Labels

I didn't know what people were talking about with these new labels until recently, when I got a couple of packages with them.


It was impossible to get them off; they just ripped to shreds.  I managed to peel most of one off and stuck it to a piece of paper so I had an invoice.


I'm sure someone out there thinks it's saving paper or whatever, but they're awful.


Not only that, they display ALL of my personal information - customer number, order number, full address, last four digits of my CC.  Now that's really bad in this day and age of identity theft.


I'll never recycle anything until I get those labels off.