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Re: How to respond below a comment?

@dooBdoo - Oooohhh, I'm a treasure? You're too kind. I always appreciate reading all of your helpful and thoughtful responses in these forums as well.


@Quinny - I agree with what @dooBdoo said about you. I think it's admirable that you're willing to ask for help instead of simply feeling defeated or giving up when you don't understand something. That's how you learn!

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Re: How to respond below a comment?

@dooBdoo wrote:

@Quinny wrote:

@loriqvc I think I did it, did I?  Thank you so much for your fast response, patience and easy instructions!  I wish you lived near me, I'd pay you well to give me some much needed lessons.  The hubs has no patience with me whatsoever; we have 2 adult children, our daughter is a doctor of Philosophy and a professor at the local university, our son is a corporate attorney, both of them grew up using computers.  They are busy with work and families of their own and never seem to have time for a lesson for Mom.  Sorry, I'm sounding pitiful.  Thank you again!  




            @Quinny,   I always enjoy reading what you have to say.   Please, don't ever feel your questions or contributions are "sounding pitiful."   You're great, and I've learned so much from your comments over time!❤️


            And I agree, @loriqvc is someone we can count on for patient, clear, thoughtful assistance.    She's a treasure, -- @loriqvc, I appreciate you!❤️





@dooBdoo You are a dear, thank you for your kind words.  I agree with you, kudos to  @loriqvc!