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Re: How is this right or fair?

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What I found out the hard way is that HSN deducts the return shipping, even if you tick "Defective" on the return slip.


With HSN you have to contact customer service first and the CS rep makes a note on your account not to deduct shipping.  (In the past, I lost out on the cost of shipping because I didn't know that and never saw anything about it on their website.  What's the point of ticking "Defective"?)


I have had very few problems with QVC over the years and, when I have, a quick email or phone call has sorted it.  I'm a fast typist - takes me all of 30 seconds.  And I accept that employees are human, probably most are trying to do their very best and "stuff happens".


(BTW:  I just received two "As Is" orders today.  Both exactly what I ordered and in perfect condition.)


Is that defending QVC to "the bitter end"?  Hardly.  Just staing the truth that's been my experience.