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Re: How is "speculation" a violation of the rules of this forum?

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@ChynnaBlue wrote:

It depends on what we're speculating on. Most of those "speculating" posts are about the personal lives of the hosts and should be deleted.



I agree, It's one thing to say that your speculating that they will show a particular product on an upcoming show, or perhaps why QVC decided to bring in a particular vendor, or give constructive critiscism or feedback of QVC, hosts, vendors providing it's not overly "unkind". HOWEVER, I've seen people speculate on hosts' personal lifestyles ("preferences") and also seen comments that could be construed as "libel", "defamation of character" or "slander" ........  These definitely SHOULD be DELETED!  QVC could find themselves in legal hot water for not deleting these types of comments.....and It's QVC's forums and their rules....

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