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This is the second time I cancelled an item in the last month due to my account saying the item was backordered. This was for the 5 boxed earrings from Diamonique. I ordered early on the item and assured by the poor hosts that have to show these thngs, that this would be sent in time for Christmas. I understand they have their problems at this time of year especially, but how does it happen they do not have enough of what they sell? Is is because people have the item in their "carts" and then order them which in turn runs the item short? If there was just some explanation I could be more understanding to the problems they face.

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I don't think items being in carts ties up the inventory.  I've had things in my cart that have sold out before I could make the purchase.

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Sell outs are their goal... They push and push and push and promise the moon in order to make it happen and if someone gets left in the lurch, well, it seems like they can live with that... They've been offering that multi-set of earrings for pretty much the entire holiday shopping season and then they really tried to drive them home on jewelry day... Apparently, they succeeded... You'll probably get the earrings, but who knows if they'll be there for Christmas, despite their guarantees...

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I PRE ORDERED a TSV and it has been put on backorder. Go figure.
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Same issue for me...TSV First Aid beauty...ordered in plenty of time, and the next day....Backordered!

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Same here. I ordered the TSV First Aid Beauty as soon as I got the email for the advance order. As of 1/8/21 I still have not received my order. How could it be sold out or back ordered from the advanced order, when it was offered days later on air. What is the advantage of the advance orders if it is not prioritized.

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TSV, FAB ...I thought it was just me.  I also ordered quite early in the presentation...the Peach/Vanilla I think it was.  Then a few days later got the message "backordered."  HUH?  Deceptive; I don't think they had the product to sell, or at least not a good quantity of it for all the millions of viewers the hosts are always bragging about.  Shady business practices, indeed.

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An item that is put into a cart (to "hold") does not affect inventory stock or save it for you. Only when that particular item is moved to purchase does the stock number change.

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This has happened to me 3 times since Christmas.  In all of my years being a Q customer, I can count the number of back ordered items on one hand.  Now it just keeps happening.  I get the message that the item is being prepared (for days) and then it is backordered.  What in the world is going on?  This is unacceptable!!!!!