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Re: Has anyone seen THIS shipping issue ?



On 6/6 I ordered two tops from QVC. 


The order had been moving along, and even made it to my town, and then oops, it left and headed north.  I called the Q, CS ,on June 20

and they offered the option of cancel/refund.  I was told if it arrives, just send it back or call.


I decided to get a refund.  The items are still in limbo land,

shipping just stopped on 6/12.  No tracking since then.


I have to admit, this is a first for me:  everything I have ever ordered  from QVC has been received by me, either on time, a few days earlier or a few days later. 


I have only had one item "lost" from Amazon, about a year ago,

and it finally arrived about a week later.

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Re: Has anyone seen THIS shipping issue ?

I've seen lots of packages take the scenic route. Then they like to stay at Hodgkins,IL  to party for awhile, must be fun!


I get mad at the PO when they get my medicine in town from DHL, then they send it all over CO for a few more days while I'm gettting closer and closer needing them. These are specialty pills that keep me alive daily. I've talked to the medicine company and the PO and they said they will try. Same problem even when I've upped the delivery.

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Re: Has anyone seen THIS shipping issue ?

@Goodie2shoes wrote:

tracking shows a package shipped from Memphis midday on 6/21 arrived in St. Louis the evening of 6/21 but now shows it's been shipped again from Memphis this morning 6/22 !   I have to say that at least it shipped from QVC sooner than expected given the shipping issues.

I had an item ship to my town, but the day it arrived at my post office it showed on tracking that it had been shipped to another state. I called CS and they sent out another one. As it turned out, I received the item the next day and I received the CS item the day after. It was strange, but turned out okay. Smiley Happy