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I order very little from the Q.. I love linea line as long as it is with QVC I will shop for that. But the wait for the items are too long QVC needs to get there act together.

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Sounds a lot like the movie "Groundhog Day". 😝😝

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@Lisa Y  EXACTLY, it is.  OK, so I think I figured it out.  If anyone watches the 12:00AM presentation, that's the one that runs for hours in the night!  You'll see the same people/person giving the same presentation over and over.


THAT's one way QVC is saving money!


Did you read my post about a week or so ago?  I take medicine so I can sleep (my back goes into spasms during the night). 


So, I kept half-way waking up heard a certain male on QVC presenting the TSV over and over.  He was yelling into the TV and I remember thinking....I kinda feel like I fell asleep, but I remember those exact words from another time.


The next night the same thing happened with someone else.  I'm slow to get stuff, but even I finally figured it out.


Then when my daughter came to visit from Denver.  She and I were lying in bed watching TV late (she loves my bed and it's like she's a kid she doesn't sleep with me, we jjust cuddle for awhile)...


Anyway, she kept saying, "Wait!  We already saw Shawn save Christmas":  Then she said, "Why does Shawn have to save Christmas".  Ha!  I thought that was so funny until Shawn 'saved Christmas one or two more times in a row'.  

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@Josefina this is why I no longer shop Q either.  I quit years ago and haven't looked back.

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Re: Good bye QVC

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I don't watch anymore unless I know that there's an item I can't find anywhere else. I don't watch a full show, sometimes when channel surfing I will watch for awhile. Super slow shipping has totally turned me off. 

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Yes, this is another goodbye to QVC and I am done. I have been a customer for about 17 years and in the past, way way past I was happy to see what was offered and have spent literally thousands of money all these years. Now however I am totally done because i am tired of all their excuses of delays in shipping products and awful return problems taking forever to solve, not to mention all the awful problems with their sites trying to make matters better for the viewers but only to cause more gliches in trying to navigate. If its not broken dont fix it. The need a better professional IT team. I am also tired of all the repeated shows ad nauseam. Same old products that were shown last couple of years, way too much time spent on special values, hosts that constantly talk over presentators, hosts that chat incessently about other things and items that are not fully shown and described. I like the professional hosts like Mary Beth, Carolyn Gracie and miss the best ones you had like Lisa Robertson and Jill Bower. I am not just writing to be negative because bing a good customer is just not important to the Q anymore. So it is goodbye and hopefully the powers that be should read more customers reviews and learn from them. I still have items to be delivered but I am done for good. My time and money deserve better.

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@roxxy1 wrote:

@Josefina wrote:

What is going on with the Q is totally ridiculous. My latest order still have not shipped, it has been a week. The chat to inquiry about it is not available.

Another experience from hell, Kipling cross over bag bought on sale, not as is, with a came sanitary napking inside, thankfully not used.

Another experience, italian silver hoops, never made it, tracking number useless, after complaining a replacement was sent express.

If I ever get this latest order, it will be my last one that is for sure.

@Josefina  sanitary napkin ??  Totally disgusting !!

It wasn't used and most women have them in our purses. It's only a problem because it was supposed to be a brand new bag.


I once bought a leather jacket from a thrift store and there was an unused and thoroughly wrapped condom in the pocket. I didn't find that disgusting, I thought it was hilarious. But my jacket was marketed and as a used item, not a brand new one.


The deception is disgusting, not an unused sanitary napkin.