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Has anyone had luck with exchanging anything? I just got the Anybody pajamas A453279 

and i ordered my normal size and the bottoms are at least 2 sizes too big. I am not happy about exchanging.

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I've tried over the years & even when I print out the form online (so CS has a direct record of me wanting to make an exchange) the items always get treated as a Return & I get credited the money..... although they must have seen something, because I get all my $ back, including original & return S&H!? In all these cases the item I want is always still in stock. When I'm determined, I just order the correct item & return the other.... It's extra $ but I am assured that I will get the right thing!

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Yes I have had good luck with exchanges but it takes about 3-4 weeks before I receive my requested exchanged item.  A couple times they could not do an exchange by the time they received it (since there were no more left) but I was then given a credit and not charged return shipping.  

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So if the top fits and the bottoms are 2X the size.


Go down a size and will the top fit?



I actually would send them back and be done with it, not meant to be.

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Seems when I do an exchange with returns taking so long by the time they get the correct item to me they are out of stock Or the whole process takes over a month. better to try and order the correct order and contact customer service that you are sending the wrong item back and want the shipping cost on the new order credited..