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I have shopped at QVC for over 30 years, I have loved doing it.  I'm stepping back somewhat because of higher pricing.  Here's my issue... I ordered a set of a Cheerful Giver candles, they didn't ship.  So on day15 they ordered a new set.  Both sets came the same day.  Trying to return a set.  No label.  Talked to a customer rep and she said they are no longer sending out return labels.  She didn't know why.  But the candles are the 3rd item I didn't have a return label for.  I know all the things you can do but to me this is inconvenient.

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Yes I know and have known.  It isn't a problem for me since I purchase from other businesses that do the same thing.   


I understand that it's a problem for some people.

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Re: Did you know? Returns

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@Loves Cats 80 ,

I thought so too until I went into my QVC account online and started a return by clicking on orders and finding the one I wanted to return. Follow the prompts and they send you a "QR code," to your email which I had never heard of until recently! This seems to be the new way most

retailers are doing returns and I actually like it!

You take your phone with the code and return the package to where you chose on your online return. With Amazon, I am told you don't even need the packaging, just the code when you take to a UPS store or other they designate. Pretty amazing. 

It is great IF the place of return is convenient and not too far.

Make sure where you take it that they will be able to print the label from your phone's QR code. Some places are just drop offs like pharmacies with UPS or Fedex and don't have the ability to print the label. 

I go to a UPS Store very near me. It sounds complicated but it isn't if all things are convenient for you, but aggravating if they are not.


But if you don't have a place near you, or a printer to print out the label, I agree, it is very inconvenient.


My other solution for me is I just don't order unless it is something I absolutely know I won't return because I hate having to return anything. It is just one more errand I don't  want to do!


ps-many retailers (not sure about QVC though I think they do), also offer free pick-ups by UPS Fedex or USPS, depending on who the package was from originally.





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@Loves Cats 80.  Like it or not, this is the current trend in the retail industry.  I don't get an invoice or return shipping label from any merchant with whom I place orders.

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It is not true that they are no longer sending out return lables.  Some of my orders have them and some do not.  It may depend on the warehouse from which they are shipped.

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Re: Did you know? Returns

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@Bookplate wrote:

It is not true that they are no longer sending out return lables.  Some of my orders have them and some do not.  It may depend on the warehouse from which they are shipped.

This is true.  But some of the packing slips don't have the return label section on them anymore.  You still have to either ship yourself or go through the website or customer service for a return label.

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@Loves Cats 80 For the life of me I can't figure out why some get invoices and some do not. I previously never paid attention if I received a label or not. I always throw everything away, I hate clutter. On the rare occasion I had to return something, I would go online and print.


Since there have been so many complaints about this, I am paying more attention. I still always receive a label. I place at least a dozen plus orders a month. And like others mentioned, I do shop other places and rarely do I receive a return slip from them.





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Exact same scenario for me too.  I receive invoices with return labels on almost every one of my QVC purchases.


Big mystery why so many don't receive them.

Maybe it is the type of product that is ordered.

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@on the bay 


Yes, from what the rep said ALL shipping labels are no more.  Invoices will still be in packages.  I do shop Amazon and returns are a breeze.  What hit me this morning was the only option to return the candles were UPS.  I understand that but I was just there yesterday, so I won't be near a UPS store till next week.  USPS is more convenient to me if I'm using QVCs label.  Just a little frustrated.  Thanks for listening!


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They couldn't makes the returns process any easier if they offered to send someone to your front door and pick up the return themselves. Oh wait...they do offer that.