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Diamonique Flower Necklace Mix Up On QVC Dot Com

Hi fellow QVC Diamonique fans,

I'm one unhappy camper, but of course feel dumb at the same time, apparently if you ordered the beautiful Diamonique flower Necklace that matches the TSV for today, they have a mix up on QVC Dot Com where if you click on the rose color, it actually orders the Lemon selection, and if you clicked on the Lemon color, it ordered the Rose ~ did this happen to anyone else? Sadly I thought I had ordered the Rose and didn't go back to check on my order until this morning and discovered the mix up on the website~ and of course it Sold Out completely during the midnight hour! There's waitlist available but not always encouraging.
Would love to know if this happened to anyone else?
I probably should have noticed it said Lemon when it went in my cart, but was incredibly tired lol and didn't ugh!
It appears that the Social Media Team couldn't fix my order, very disappointed ugh Smiley Sad
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Re: Diamonique Flower Necklace Mix Up On QVC Dot Com

Yes I noticed it late last night  as I was clicking on the choices to see them. I was awake thankfully lol Sorry they couldn't fix it for you,  that stinks ugh That's happened to me before with a different order and I did manage to get a waitlist product. It is hit or miss, gve it a shot why not..