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Not the QVC  I have used for 34 years. Ordered SG crops on May 7 and still listed as in process. One hour on hold to be told I cannot cancel and no new delivery date available. Are they kidding? 

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This seems to be the way of things.  I'm not ordering anything else because the last 2 items were ordered a month ago, and still haven't shipped.  This is not a way to do business.


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Me too...I have two Kim Gravel tops ordered, one from May 7 & a couple of weeks ago, both still in the Processing mode!  Other items have been delivered on time, it seems the warehouse with the clothes is having the biggest problems!  CS says it is because of the virus & not as many people working!  I hope things get back to normal soon! 

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same here..blazer has been in process since first part of May, I think at this point, I have given up on it!....things certainly have changed at the Q...and I don't believe it's all virus related. I don't even have it on at all during the day, not even for background., and I think the blazer will be my last order!...Too many great places out there from which to order and no problems with shipping!


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Thanks to everyone who answered.I  I agree that this is the end of our relationship. When QVC started, they were the only shop at home option. HSN has stepped up to the plate during the pandemic. And all the stores and Amazon have many options. It is time to be a smart consumer and stop expecting the same service..Moving on

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I ordered the breaded chicken 10 pack on Auto Delivery so if there was a meat shortage I would still get it.  When it was ready to ship I got a notice that it was back ordered. Funny thing is they now have an 18 pack of the same chicken that you can get now but it's a higher price. 

so much for a AUTO DELIVERY. I'm almost done with QVC. 

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I saw a few articles online that the Q is in the process of closing a warehouse fulfillment center. I think this is adding to their shipping woes. 

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Truly frustrating....I have items "in process" for 3+ weeks..and the excuse is for the safety and health of you and our employees...BS..shame on QVC to use COVID19 to their advantage....I'm truly disgusted!! I'm 30+ yr customer I've been turning to amazon a lot more lately!!

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I ordered a bag for a gift for a very special occasion and was misled at the time I ordered it into believing it would arrive in time. Well it didnt. Its STILL "in process" and not needed now. If it ever arrives it will go back and my relationship with QVC is over.
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All of the old merchandise I've ordered has shipped promptly.  It's the new stuff they seem to be having trouble getting to the warehouse so it can be shipped.  I don't considered this to be the Q's fault.  Goods from overseas are not arriving as scheduled and transportation seems to be a mess.  They're coping as well as they can.

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