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Re: Dear QVC (my rant for the week).

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@Foxxee wrote:

QVC is aware of the problem....HA!!!....but decided not to do anything about it.  Typical.  



But it is NOT a IS intentional as so many have stated.


I totally agree with @Kachina624 ...I shop Wally, Amz, Target and NONE of them EVER include an invoice OR packing slip OR return label. 





@KingstonsMom   Why is it impossible to print an invoice?  I guess if you don't have a printer....but anyone who can come here to post has access to their order status to do so.


If you don't have a printer, the mods can mail you one....


Not something I see changing.......



I do have a printer, but when I go to my order status, the only option is to print a return label, not an invoice.


Maybe I'm doing somethin' wrong, I dunno. But it's all good now, I just write the pertinent info on paper and tape it to the item's bag.


The main info I needed was which return warehouse to mail it to. I print that address on an index card and tape it to the outside.


I asked the Social Team and found out that regardless of what category of item my return is, there's one return warehouse for my state (GA).


I remember back in the day when jewelry went to one return center, clothing items to a different one, electronics to another, etc.


I agree with other posters here who say they don't get invoices with shipped orders from other online retailers either, Amazon, BBB, WalMart, etc., I don't either.


Everyone is struggling to cut costs these days, I certainly understand that!

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Re: Dear QVC (my rant for the week).



Hmm, maybe you are using a diff system than I....but you have it all covered with a good system that works for you!


I remember the separate 'warehouse' days too!



I think (and I mean myself as well) we are creatures of habit.  We always had one...and don't want to change!


However, things do change....and in ways we just don't like or refuse to adapt too.


While my office is not, the majority of places we deal with are paper free.  Email only...not even faxes anymore!


i struggle where to 'save' all this impt info in 'folders' and then have to try and 'find' them!


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Re: Dear QVC (my rant for the week).


@Y2Worry wrote:

I have a rant too.  Last week I recieved a Susan Graver shirt, size xxs, which is way too large.  I want to return it, but there isn't any paperwork inside the package, and the address label isn't one of those wretched three-part ones.  So, I have to try to get someone at Customer Care to send me what I need in order to get the item returned.  OK, I can do that.


On Saturday I received a package that had an invoice inside, and it was meant for a lady in Baytown, TX.  I live in Pennsylvania.  If you live in Baytown and expect delivery of a crewneck top, it's in my house.  I'll send it back to QVC and hope they don't charge me for the return.  There is a decline in Customer Service, and it can't all be due to the fire!    Good luck to the lady in Baytown who ordered this item!

@Y2Worry     Send a quick email to with your order# of the item you want to return and you'll get you invoice and return label.

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Re: Dear QVC (my rant for the week).

@gnomie1 Beautifully said...QVC does not want you to RETURN...period.