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David Venable said....

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Paraphrasing, but David said, "Please be patient with our ordering process. Free shipping day is always a busy day but when it coincides with In the Kitchen With David on a Sunday things go wonky." DUH! Ya think? Then why don't you fix it!!! You obviously know this happens consistently and constantly. Why don't you do something about it instead of irritating your customers over and over and over again. In fact, why waste all this air time when no one can purchase the items presented no matter how hard they try! I truly am astounded at the ongoing ineptness on so many levels with this company. They should be embarrassed. I'm beginning to be embarrassed myself to even shop with them. Woman Frustrated


I made this comment in another current thread on this subject and will add it here. Customer service is saying, yet again, there's a glitch in the system and QVC is working on it. Maybe they should change their name.


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I understand that many are having frustrations.  I don't usually use automated ordering on the phone, but I did today.  No problem whatever placing the order, and even subsequently editing it on line.

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Not as easy to fix as you might think.  Servers can only handle so much traffic at a time, even gigantic ones.  Add to that, those who are ordering via the app, calling in and the reps themselves on the site and things are bound to get slower and off kilter sometimes. 

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It may not be easy to fix the overflow of orders on Sunday, but they need to rethink their strategy.  Maybe make it a "weekend" of free shipping or free shipping on Sunday and Monday to spread the orders over a couple of days and not make everyone try to rush to get their order in Sunday only.


Or, how about some targeted marketing to those who have items in their wish list that they get a special free shipping code early before the announcement of free shipping in order to order their items early prior to the tsunami of customers that they appear to deal with on Sunday during David's show.  Plus it would make their loyal customers feel that they are valued and that QVC wants to keep them happy....and buying.


Unfortunately what probably happens is people try to order, get frustrated and then end up not ordering at all.   I know it happens to me. 



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i will do my ordering later tonight when the volume calms down.   in the meantime i am enjoying the presentations.   


no biggie.

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Re: David Venable said....

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How about if your last name ends from A-L you order in AM, and M-Z order PM.


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No biggie? They wasted my entire afternoon. Can’t order anything. Anyway! Even tried piority line for qvc card holders. Better extend free shipping day to appease your customers.
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Amazon seems to figure it out...always a. Breeze to order.....and often deliver my order in a couple of HOURS....not weeks and months.


QVC needs to step it up or they will be stepped on like a bug.



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Last year on Prime Day I couldn't buy anything for a few hours.  So, yes, Amazon in general handles a lot of traffic, but they had issues when everyone was trying to buy at the same time as well.  

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I can't imagine what was so important for you to order that "they wasted your entire afternoon".  Everything's okay.