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Re: Damaged shipping boxes !

If u think that's BAD -- My last 4 orders from Bed/Bath on-line were delivered in terrible condition.

The company does NOT put any packing material inside - they just throw the items in a box. My last order was 1 large dish drainer and 1 large drainboard. I received 2 dish drainers and no drainboard. Last year I ordered a toilet bowl brush in a ceramic base. The base was broken into 10 pieces. The dish drainers were defective - the little cup that holds the utensils didn't fit the dishrack --- so they tied it tightly. Also made of very cheap plastic from China.

When calling customer non-service on the phone - the call goes to a foreign country and ur not able to hear or understand the person. I emailed and instant-messaged them --- and they act like they don't understand a word ur saying.

I'm totally done with Bed/Bath.