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Re: Customer service tells me to “significantly reduce my returns”

@depglass wrote:

That's one pkg a day received on average.  You must spend a lot of time packing stuff up.  Do you realize you have spent $420.00 returning this stuff?

@depglass Unless I didn't read right, 82 items in 1 year is not "1 pkg per day on average".


For those wagging their finger at 82 items in 1 year, that is really not that much. On average 6 to 7 items per month. It may include skin care, beauty, shoes, clothes, household items, Christmas items, gifts, stuff for other family members. Who knows? Back in the day when I was shopping at the malls/Target, it wasn't unusual for me to purchase 12 items in 1 trip (granted those items were probably cheaper than Q items). I'd do that about once per month. That right there is more than OP.